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Canter is a Finnish company specializing in product information management

We help companies turn product information into a competitive advantage. The more products and publishing channels you have, the bigger the potential to improve productivity and enhance the customer experience. Our customers deserve the best. If your company thinks likewise, contact us.

A customer story

Adeona is in the epicenter of our digital strategy. Enriched product information is a vital asset. Managing product information is a necessity in order to fulfill our strategy in the digital channels.

Antti Sarkkula, Global Development Manager, Kesko

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Product Information Management or PIM shortens the go-to-market time for a product by 55%.  PIM enhances the information flow between organisations and improves both customer and employee experiences. PIM is a process that cuts down routine work and  brings competitive advantage in all sales channels.

Customer Experience

We help you ensure that your customers find the needed product information when and where required. You need twelve good experiences to repair the damage done by a bad one. We want to make sure that your customers will not come across bad experiences with product information.

Productive Information Management

Automation brings competitive advantage and improves employee experience. Good information management guarantees high quality product information and improves profitability. Our solutions are easy to integrate in the existing architecture. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to share with you our best practices.