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Increase Product Sales

Product information management enables you to offer products to your clients at the right time with right information. This has proven effect on increase of sales. Our client Oy Perkko reported 74% increase in sales thanks to product information management and publishing automation.

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Faster Product Deployment

With the help of product information management the passage of a product to all sales and marketing channels is proven to increase up to 55%. The client can hear about the products faster, which has a direct impact on sales. Our client Etra is able to publish all of their products to every marketing channels in 1-2 days.

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Less Errors in Product Data

Researches indicate that companies use annually 25 min per SKU to clean product information in various channels. With PIM this time can be saved for other uses and the customer experience improves simultaneously. The customers of our client Mediq are satisfied with their services containing high quality product information.

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Improved Customer and Employee Experience

PIM enhances the information flow between organisations and improves customer and employee experience. PIM is product information management, which removes routine work and ensures the effortless findability of data. The customers and sales team of our client Martela have been praising the findability and increase of internal & external product information quantity.

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Adeona PIM

Adeona PIM Product Information Management enables the streamlined processing of the entire digital product process. All information related to products and digital material can be managed in one system.

Adeona Salestool

Adeona Sales Tool is a tireless publishing robot. With its help product data can be published automatically to the layout materials of sales and marketing, such as quotations, pricelists, catalogues, Excel lists and store materials.


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Gather up all the information and material related to your products in PIM from any location: other systems, Excel sheets, dealers, translation agencies and shared drives.

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PIM transforms product codes into compelling sales articles. Enrich the base data of a product with marketing texts, language versions, images, attachments and other related information.

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Categorise products and product information for the use of various publishing channels and materials. You can publish the product information to the sales and marketing materials directly from PIM’s publishing automation tools.


We are a bunch of people passionate about our work. We have been doing Product Information Management since the beginning of this century and Publishing Automation even longer. In the Adeona -systems delivered by us, millions of products have been managed, thousands of sales and marketing materials published and they have been integrated to hundreds of other systems. Read more about us ->

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