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Tips for localizing product sales

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Global competition is getting tougher by the day and many companies have no choice but to enter the race to succeed. In this blog I cover a few concrete steps to localize product sales for different markets.


Recommendation index NPS 79

Our annual NPS survey has been conducted and once again, thanks to our lovely customers, we received a very high willingness to recommend Canter!



Verkkokauppaa on kehuttu varsinkin siitä että, siellä on helppo antaa tuotteesta mahdollisimman paljon infoa, kuvia, ohjeita ja käyttövinkkejä kuin kivijalassa. Mikä sitten avuksi kun halutaan lisää myyntiä?

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The commercial benefits of Product Information Management

Worforce is the company’s most expensive resource, but also one of its greatest potentials. In 2020, we will live in a time where artificial intelligence and digitality in general have helped us for so long that we do not always remember its existence. However, there is far too little use of technology in traditional jobs […]

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Versatile and scalable product information management

Just over a year ago, at the end of October 2018, we released a new generation version of the Adeona PIM product information management system. The first year with the new product generation has been encouraging and has further increased the belief that we are on the right track. Here I describe a bit what has been done in the background and what has happened during the first year.