Adeona PIM Product Information Management

Product content effectively to all channels

Adeona PIM Product Data Management is a technology developed by our experts, enabling a better customer experience and accelerating the product process. It is the most used PIM system in Finland for product information management, distribution and enrichment. It enables products to be grouped and enriched with product content and published from a centralized source to different publishing channels. We are continuously developing our product together with our customers.

  • Enables genuinely multi-channel product communication
  • Flexible data model
  • Easy connectivity to other systems
  • Modular design, the solution is expandable with the latest functionality and tailor-made to customer needs

Adeona Product Information Manager utilises product information found in backend systems (such as ERP and PLM). In these systems, product-related information is mainly managed in connection with the company’s internal processes. In the Product Information Management System, this information is enriched and organized into customers’ visible channels such as:

  • Websites
  • Online Stores
  • Intranet
  • Digital and printed catalogues
  • Store materials such as price tags, price lists, posters
  • Sales materials such as quotations, price lists, delivery documents
  • Marketing materials such as brochures, catalogsues, advertisements, product communications

A single entering of data is enough

The most significant benefit of the Adeona PIM system is the centralized management of product contents. Each text, image, attachment, or feature information is maintained in a single, centralized location from where it flows to all the required channels. This significantly accelerates product launch and makes the customer experience uniform regardless of the channel. Above all, it supports a good employee experience. The content responsible will make all content changes in one place and with the help of versatile workflow tools, he always knows the exact status of product contents.

Modular and highly connectable

Adeona PIM product information management is modular – you can only use the components you need, but on the other hand, when the needs grow, the system’s operating area is easy to extend. Typically, our customers will begin by introducing product information management, for example in the background of e-commerce, and step by step to other channels and needs.

Adeona works smoothly with other systems. Typically, it is connected to an ERP system, an online store or a network content management system.

Adeona’s application interface provides the opportunity to easily utilise product information in other systems. Quick searches can be implemented directly using Adeona’s search index.

What is Adeona Product Information Management used for?

  • Customer experience and brand management. Product Data Management ensures a consistent and consistent product experience in all publishing channels.
  • To improve product quality and improve work efficiency. All product information is entered only once and in only one system.
  • Automating your marketing. The Adeona PIM system automates much of the publishing work and content creation.
  • Distribution of product information by customer or retailer. Adeona PIM system will distribute information to customer-specific price lists and offers as well as dealers’ sales channels.
  • Increase sales and improve margin. Conversion rates are growing and the number of returns decreases through good customer-specific product information experience.
Adeona PIM Product Information Management

Reliable data transfer on a standard interface

Adeona PIM system’s standardized webservice interface REST API enables easy access to product information across channels. Channels can be, for example, an online store or website of a reseller or affiliate, a product information bank or register such as SYNKKA or STK.

REST API has a documented standard interface that makes product information easy to retrieve and distribute to other systems. It is, in principle, easy to deploy new publishing channels, and does not require any more matching work or integration skills for PIM.

The interface provides information in JSON format, which is a simple open source file format and the predominant way in REST interfaces.

Learn more about interfaces and their transparency on our blog ->

Leading search technology

Adeona REST API also provides powerful search functionality. The search index offered by PIM is based on open source Elasticsearch, one of the world’s leading search technologies.
ElasticSearch is currently the most widely used search engine that allows quick, suggestive searches to be implemented in virtually any online service. For example, Adeona PIM’s Elasticsearch can take advantage of the performance of e-commerce search functionality if the online store platform itself does not provide good search functionality in itself. This way the search capabilities of large product masses can be realized in e-commerce very lightly. Elasticsearch’s absolute asset is its speed – even bigger product masses can quickly and intelligently perform search functions in virtually any online service that requires PIM data.

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