Files Management

Digital asset management (DAM) is the management of digital assets of various formats such as image, pdf and video files.

Adeona PIM Product Information Management system also includes data management. From here, files can be directly linked to products and product groups. Connecting can be done either manually or automated. Automatic conversion can be done from image files. This way, the images are published in different channels, always in the optimum file size and format.

Digital asset management also takes care of file management. The publications always use the latest version of a file, but older versions may also be preserved if necessary. You can also have different language versions of the files. This way, for example, user manuals are published in different countries’ online services in local languages.

Often a limited view of the digital asset management is opened publicly as a media bank.

Efficient data asset management ensures that files are everywhere up-to-date and with correct language versions. It makes marketing more efficient and ensures high-quality customer experience across all channels.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management

  • Ideal for storage and distribution of all digital content such as product images, logos, attachments, installation- and operating instructions, certificates, videos, CAD images, zip-packages
  • The ability to limit views according to user rights
  • The easy sharing of materials also outside the company
  • Automatic Image Conversions Support for a very large number of documents in your preferred language
  • Support for tens of thousands of documents in desired languages
  • Manage file metadata

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Powerful file sharing with the Media Bank

The Media Bank is a user-rights-restricted browser-based view for data management. It is a convenient way to share files. Powerful search features make it easy to search for files.

The most common file formats in the media bank are different image files. However, Media Bank does not have any restrictions on file formats.

Creating a collection in Kultakeskus Media Bank

Martela Media Bank