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We are known for good service. We have determinedly invested in the building and fostering of sustainable culture and the continuous development of know-how. Our task is not only to harness our expertise to the customer, but also to raise our customer’s knowledge to a new level. Our success is tied to our customers’ success.

Our service strategy is to provide comprehensive knowledge of information management and publishing automation to the customer. We deliver value by delivering a full range of services: we are consulting, designing, implementing, developing and supporting. We want to understand our customers’ business and act as an active and knowledgeable partner. We serve locally and commit ourselves to the success of the customer. We want to be the best partner in our area.

Tuotetiedonhallinta konsultointi

Product Information Management Consultancy

Our Product Information Services:

  • Management of product data in various systems and product data stream platforms
  • Management of product life cycle
  • Product data models and structures
  • Product data roles in current or oncoming publishing channels
  • Management of product data for the use of an eCommerce platform
  • Management of product communications in various stages of purchasing process

We’re able to help our customers also with the following topics:

  • Integration
  • Collection and establishment of data
  • Data harmonisation and content variants
  • Communication about changes and leadership services

Publishing Training

With our Publishing automation services we help our clients to define and implement for example the following topics:

  • The content, structure and exceptions of publications
  • Information sources and quality of information
  • The level of automation
  • Adobe InDesign automation projects
  • Integrations

A practical, well-prepared and comprehensive workshop enabled us to get a deeper understanding of the structure of our product information and particularly streamline our complex and technical charts.

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