Product catalogs and product cards are still important sales channels in many industries. Making them is a time-consuming and laborious process that often lasts for up to several weeks. By using Indesign Publishing Automation, it is possible to shorten the time spent on publishing work to a few hours.

In Indesign Publishing Automation, content is imported directly from the Adeona PIM or other background system into an automatically selected template. The publisher does not have to use PIM – all data is available in Adobe InDesign. All routine work is done by automation. The publisher only needs to do the final styling of the publication.

Documents created with publishing automation are fully customizable in Adobe InDesign after automated publishing has been completed. For example, prices can be updated to a publication only just before sending the publication to print. Publishing different language versions is also fast as the language of the published product information is selectable directly from a drop-down list.

Adobe InDesign julkaisuautomaatio
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With InDesign Publishing Automation you can publish everything from catalogs and campaign publications to price lists and new product catalogs. For all of these, specific publishing templates can be created. In the templates there can be different sizes of publishing blocks for different types of products.

You can automate the publishing fully by having the program run the text automatically to the assigned product block. Alternatively, you can use the drag and drop feature to drag the correct content to the desired block.

Based on German expertise

Our partner in InDesign Publishing Automation is German Priint. We are the biggest dealer and system integrator of Priint:suite program in the Nordics. In Finland we are the only company delivering Priint:suite solutions.

Core benefits of InDesign Publishing Automation

  • Possibility to edit content after publishing.
  • Real time connection to product information in Adeona PIM
  • Choosing alternative images for products directly in Adobe InDesign
  • Selecting the language for product information from a drop down menu
  • Either fully or partly automated publishing
  • Support for different publishing templates and automatic running of the text
  • Connectivity to other systems
  • Both workstation client and server versions available
  • Available for both Windows and macOS (Mac OS X) environments

Sormat catalog publishing

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