Publishing automation is a process where product content is published from one source to multiple channels or media automatically. Until these days, when channels and media have been limited and technological solutions have not provided any help, product information has been maintained manually across all channels. Omnichannel digital sales will change the setting.

Publishing Automation allows you to publish centrally managed product information per channel as defined on websites, webshop, quotations, price lists, product catalogues, and store materials. This ensures a consistent customer experience across all channels where product information is published. At the same time, marketing efficiency improves and high-quality product information becomes a distinguishing factor.

Effective product process, high quality and up-to-date product information as well as efficient publishing and distribution processes are critical business success factors.

Centralised Product Information Management (PIM) and Publishing Automation help efficient and controlled distribution of product information to the media and channels where it is needed.


Publishing Automation

Online store and other digital channels as the publishing channels

We provide expertise and tools for publishing product information for these channels, for example:

  • Websites and webshop
  • Digital Services and Mobile Services
  • Digital sales catalogues and promotional materials
  • Data Mashup Services
  • Shop Advertising and Digital Signage
  • Third-party product data banks

Publishing tools for the sales

Sales use a lot of time to hunt product information into various customer materials. Together with our customers, we have developed the most advanced products in Finland for the automation of production of sales materials. Our solutions can automate, for example, the production of the following materials:

  • Quotations
  • Custom Price Lists
  • Customised Product Cards
  • Resellers’ campaign and store materials
  • Excel sheets with images
Tuotetiedon monikanavajulkaisu

Publishing tools for marketing

Our roots are in print. We offer over 20 years of expertise and market leading tools for product-based publishing on Adobe’s familiar products. With our solutions you can automate for example:

  • Product catalogues and brochures
  • Product cards and data sheets
  • Resale materials and price lists
  • Campaign publications
  • Store marketing materials

Case 1


We helped our customers significantly improve the content production of regular promotional campaign bulletins. Previously, collecting product information for a 64-page magazine lasted for 3-5 weeks. After the optimisation of the publication process, the same phase is now performed in 3-5 hours. The solution is based on a centralised product database (Adeona PIM) and InDesign automation, enabling the editorial designer to turn the formatted product information into a ready to print publication in a wink. Additional information and alternative product information, such as images, is imported into the template to facilitate the artist’s creative work.

Case 2


In many industries B2B customers still require a printed product catalogue. Publishing a product catalogue containing tens of thousands of stock keeping units would be impossible without a highly automated publication process. The logical product categorisation and the harmonised product data structure in the centralised system (Adeona PIM) as well as standardised templates and dynamic publishing automation based on defined rules allow for cost-effective catalogue production. Brands of suppliers can also be displayed at the desired level, for example by importing logos in product groups. What remains to be done for the editorial designer is styling the raw, that is, the necessary visual  finishing and fine tuning, as well as adding promotion of pages.

Martela automated product card publishing

Etra automated product catalogue publishing

IKH automated store materials publishing

AMO automated quotation material publishing