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Versatile and scalable product information management

Just over a year ago, at the end of October 2018, we released a new generation version of the Adeona PIM product information management system. The first year with the new product generation has been encouraging and has further increased the belief that we are on the right track. Here I describe a bit what has been done in the background and what has happened during the first year.

A good search generates business

Hyvät hakuominaisuudet luovat verkkokaupoissa ja verkkopalveluissa loistavan käyttäjäkokemuksen. Esimerkiksi verkkokaupan konversioon voi palvelun haulla olla merkittäväkin vaikutus. Joidenkin tutkimusten mukaan sivustohakua käyttävien käyttäjien kohdalla konversio on jopa 50 % suurempi. Eli panostaminen hakutoimintoihin ja tuomalla ne helposti saataville voidaan konversiota nostaa merkittävästikin.

Hakukoneoptimoinnilla (SEO) pyritään vaikuttamaan siihen, että tuotteet löytyvät helposti orgaanisissa hauissa esim. Googlessa. Sivuston hakua kehittämällä taas voidaan vaikuttaa siihen, miten helposti tuotteet löytyvät palvelun sisällä.

Millainen sitten on hyvä haku? Mitä ominaisuuksia siitä tulee löytyä ja miten sitä hyödynnetään myynnissä ja markkinoinnissa?

About API’s and their publicness

A modern application lives or dies based on the availability of its public API. Before having a deeper look into what API’s mean to us, and how they can be used in the most effective way, we should understand the basics. API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that allows the application data and functionality […]

Remember these image management tips

A well-functioning image production process is an integral part of successful product information management. An exemplary image production process and optimal master format enable efficient administration and optimal utilization of the images. As part of product information management, we always define the image production process and an optimal master format together with our clients. Regrettably, […]

Product Information and Buying

This summer, our company will move to a new location. The renovation has just started, and I hope we’ll be in a shining new office that has been designed according to our needs. I’ll certainly write more about the new premises in our blog at a later time. I have participated in the design of […]

Product Information Management in Excel

I regularly visit clients to advise them on product information management and publishing automation. It may be a client who is just planning to obtain a PIM system, and it may be an experienced one with fine-tuned processes. Quite often when I am doing a consulting or training call, they ask me, What is the usual […]

Distributed or centralised product information management?

Often when a client is about to commence product information management rollout, we discuss the model of management and the processes used for it. There is no universal, correct answer to this question. Naturally, there is a vast range of options for the process, but here we will make the division into centralised and distributed […]

Product information is our most important capital

A few weeks ago, I was with a client who stated that in future, product information will be their most important capital. Products are sold through high-quality product information and it allows them to reach big targets, such as doubling sales revenue over the next couple of yers. For example, maintaining an online shop without […]

Demands for Product Information are growing

Digitalization creates pressures concerning product information within an organization. Ever more extensive product information in a standardized format is being requested and demanded. During this fall I have had discussions every week with clients who are confronted with this challenge. Wholesalers have set up their own e-commerce and supporting PIM systems. The goal is to […]

Customer needs are concrete in nature

Often, the customers’ needs regarding product information management or publishing automation are very concrete and their benefits directly observed. I was visiting a customer who produces instruction manuals for their products in numerous languages. At the moment, these manuals are produced fully manually, which means that the text and images are laid onto an InDesign […]