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Finnish PIM study 2022

For the second year in a row, we are conducting a unique study on the state of product information management in Finland. Make sure you are here and one of the first to receive research results!

Product Information Management (PIM): who is this suitable for?

The popularity of commercial PIM software has been growing for a long time, also here in Finland. We have been helping our Finnish customers in Canter with product information challenges and developing our Adeona software with them for over 15 years. We’ve learned a lot on this journey – also when PIM fits in and when it doesn’t. We have also learned that every organization and its situation is unique, so there is no single truth. Here are a few points of view and my thoughts on why you should at least think of these so that you can use them.

Publishing automation in Finland

I have been working with database publishing and publishing automation for little over 10 years now, usually as a part of process development of our clients’ sales and marketing needs. Here are some of my thoughts in regards to the state of publishing automation in Finland currently. First it’s good to note that despite long-standing […]

Vision of a CIO: Kill ’em all!

I recently had an interesting conversation with an information management officer from a medium-sized Finnish company. He had joined the company around a year earlier, and it seemed like the strategic work on enterprise architecture had been completed and the roadmap for systems architecture was beginning to be clear. Moderate-scale modernisation, renovation, and systems updates […]