What happened in 2015?

2015 is behind us; we have set the goals for this year and started the measures to reach those goals. It is worth having a look at the past year, though —  what we did right, where we should develop and improve our performance. What do we need to be even better? Where do we want to be?

I was asking around at the office about the highlights and key topics that have become memorable. Take a look at the 2015 Top 10 below, listed in no particular order of importance.

  1. New clients. We were delighted to start collaborating with several new clients, learn about their industries and help them succeed with better product data management.
  2. Sales Tool. Our Sales Tool is top-notch.We have received feedback from the clients, telling us how their time is freed for the actual sales work and customers instead of updating and producing materials. That should tell us the essentials.
  3. Product development. The new PIM is on its way.Good things come to those who wait, and soon we will hear more!
  4. Canter’s web pages.Our new site and the spring were celebrated with a little sparkling wine.We continue working on the site but we are proud of the updated look and better functionality on all screen sizes.
  5. The blog.We contribute so that you all would know how to reach better results with product information management and how we could help you with it.Thank-you to all of our readers—we promise to keep producing ever-interesting texts.We are looking forward to all feedback!
  6. Learning and development.We have gotten the possibility to create a wide variety of solutions with our clients, always seeking the model that best suits the client.We have also learned plenty from that, making us better every day.
  7. New tools. Now our CRM looks like it should, and Slack has taken the creation of internal communication and memes to a whole new level.
  8. Atmosphere.We and our clients feel good, and that means good results.Every one of us has the responsibility, desire and possibility to keep investing in this.

    Canter's Summer Day '15

    Canter’s Summer Day ’15

  9. Food industry. This is one of our new industries, and the going just keeps getting faster in 2016. Getting familiar with food specifications and working with them is inspiring and educating.
  10. Potential.The year has offered everyone at the office a multitude of opportunities to seize and to develop through.

Wishing us success and development opportunities for the ongoing year 2016!