Are you the next one to join our team? You can be either an old expert or a specialist still in the beginning of your carreer – the most important thing is your attitude and the desire to develop. Our relaxed and energetic team offers possibilities for large-scale development of your own expertise as well as interesting challenges.

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HIGH PERFORMANCE PRODUCT COMMUNICATION Canter is a software and services company with a tight focus in Product Information Management and publishing automation. We design and deliver solutions based on modern technologies which help our clients to grow the value of their digital capital, improve their operational performance, provide consistent product experiences and succeed in multi-channel commerce. We help our clients to communicate about their products more efficiently with better product information Our clients are among the leaders in their own industries (manufacturing, wholesale/distribution and retail). They value our knowledge and attitude along with our long-term partnership. We are an agile, result-driven team of professionals. You will recognize us through our expertise, uncompromising attitude and creativity. We strive to make PIM your sustainable competitive edge! We dare to claim that we know what it takes to make product information management a strategic asset. We have also seen its boosting impact to many businesses. Drop a message or call us today! CORE EXPERTISE Product Information Management (PIM) Digital Asset Management (DAM) Adobe InDesign automation Multi-channel publishing Software development System integration Data and API architectures and strategies Canter was established in 1983 and is today part of Etola Group. Our customer service and product development operate in Finland, listening to wishes and needs of our domestic and international clients.
Canter Oy
Canter Oy1 month ago
Today it was time to say Cheers! to Mikael who has been helping us since last summer 🙏🥂🎂#timeforcheers
Canter Oy
Canter Oy1 month ago
Today is a video shooting day at Canter 📹🎬 Stay tuned 😊 #videoshoot #anotherdayattheoffice
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Canter Oy2 months ago
Wooly socks and Office dogs is one of our company values. As you can see, we are a company who lives by its values 😉😍 #companyvalues #officedogs #woolysocks
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Canter Oy3 months ago
Seasons greetings from Canter! 🎄🤶🏻🎁
This year our christmas presents were wrapped for children in need through #joulupuukeräys
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Canter Oy4 months ago
Christmas breakfast at work 🥂🤶🏻.
Thank you @laurajuliakopio for taking such good care of us! #officebreakfast


Meillä töissä

Motivating client relations and a solid foundation

Our solutions are in the center or our client’s everyday living and our client satisfaction is good. Our relationships with the clients are typically long which allows us to get to know our clients well and understand how to best serve them. Financially we are a profitable and steadily growing company with an established owner behind us.


Tailoring work duties and continuous learning

We encourage skills development by arranging afternoons for skill share between employees and by participating in different events. As our organisation is flexible, you may widen your skill areas based on your interests alongside your main duties. If for example you are passionate about program development but also client consultation, project management, team management or sales and marketing, we can tailor your work duties accordingly.


Opportunity to choose your own tools

According to our CYOD-model (Choose Your Own Device), you may choose your own work station tools and developing environment based on what you think will best support your work.

Viihtyisä työympäristö

Comfortable, ergonomical work environment and good food

Each of our employees has an electric desk that allows for an ergonomic, varied working position. Our modern multi-room office contains spaces for group work, workshops, quiet working and client meetings.

We are located in Spektri, which means that there are around dozen great lunch places nearby. Each employee also gets lunch coupons as part of their work-related benefits. You can also cook in our kitchen! (Baking buns on Fridays is possible without too much know-how.)

Maailman paras tiimi

Low organisation

There is no need to stress about giving feedback – if the team leader is not present, you can feel free to walk to the manager’s work station anytime and tell them about your development ideas and suggestions for improvement.


Wellbeing outside of work

The latest refreshment days have been held in adventure park Huippu, jacuzzis and room escape games. Naturally we are open to any suggestions for future refreshment days!

Each of our employees has the opportunity to use Spektri’s gym, showers and saunas. Our company also has a weekly badminton slot.
You may also like to join our new band (no skills required). If your way of keeping yourself fit and relaxed is something entirely different, you can choose some of our 5200 opportunities that can be paid for by using the company refreshment coupons.
On the other hand, if something goes wrong, our comprehensive occupational health care will help to get you back in shape.