How can I implement a PIM system successfully?

When kicking off a new project customers often ask for help with what to do to make their project implementation a big success. We tell everyone that in order to succeed the following three items need to be handled properly:

1. Set Clear Objectives 

Not a single PIM project has started without a compelling business need or objective. For example:

  • “Utilize the working hours of the professionals most productively.”
  • “Strengthen sales and product communications by 300% in online stores, product brochures, seller communications and dealer apps.”
  • “External forces influence change: list product information according to ETIM classification model.”
    Write your objectives where everybody can see them all the time.

2. Message Correctly

The identified objectives and necessary changes need to be communicated clearly to:

  • The Right People – Do you send your messages only to Product and Marketing Managers or do you also send these messages to your Customers, Partners and Prospective Clientele? Have you created an effective and clear stakeholder analysis that makes it easy for your communications to be directed to your target audience?
  • At the Right Time – Does i.e. the management get all the information they need during the project so that they can forward this information to other parties involved?Are the users of the system only involved in the Kick-off and User Training or are they in for the long run?
  • In the Right Way – Will you settle for passive e-mailings or will you be on the road for months at a time visiting every nook and cranny of your organization or will you do something else depending on the phase of the project and your target group?

3. Make a Commitment and Demand Engagement

Only a committed Project Management will be able to enroll and engage an Organization and its Stakeholders into making a change and also implementing any change in the way that the business is run effectively.  Commitment and engagement create deep-rooted and permanent change.

Implementing a system also requires successful definitions and effective communication with the System Supplier. However, these are the easier part of implementing a system.

But hey, we will gladly talk with you about all these things also! Contact us!