The new level of product marketing

We help our customers create better customer experiences with product information best fitting the context. With Adeona PIM our customers:

  • input data only once and only to a single place
  • find information always when needed
  • can publish as much product information as needed filtered to the specific needs of different channels
  • can ensure high quality of product information everywhere
  • sell more
  • have less customer complaints
  • achieve higher customer satisfaction

Adeona Sales Tool helps Amo to focus on the customer

We helped Amo to solve their challenges with product marketing and sales with Adeona Sales Tool. With the time saved from material production there has been more time for customer work and the sales results have improved.

In addition to speeding up the sales and marketing materials production, all the product information is now centralised. This way it is easier and more efficient to find and update it.

New opportunities for the Martela Digital Experience

High standard of visuality is crucial in Martela sales and marketing. Martela’s Product Information Management process based on Adeona PIM makes it possible to input information only once and have it readily available for all who need it.

Sharing product related assets like images and manuals is taken care of by Adeona Media Bank. With Adeona Sales Tool sales people can create quotations for their customers with a few clicks of a button.

Rautakesko Canter

Kesko focuses on customer service and brand

Rautakesko has more than 100 000 sales keeping units to manage. As the business grows in the digital channels, it is vital to focus resources to  where the customers are.

Adeona PIM and its modules serve both the Rautakesko’s customers and staff. With Adeona PIM information is shared fast to multiple channels and for the customers to utilise in their purchasing process.

Etra building the competitive advantage

Etra specialises in technical trade with a wide product and service sortiments. With more than 300 000 items, Etra has a huge amount of related product information to manage.

The information management is done with Adeona PIM. Adeona provides a centralised place for data storage and updates. This makes the time-to-market very short. New products with all the relevant information can be published in all the sales channels in a couple of days.

Our customers