Leipurin Oy is an over a hundred years old food wholesaler, which supplies products to bakeries and the food industry.

Mikko Tervonen LeipurinIn this customer story, I tell you how Canter and Adeona PIM have helped us improve product discoverability and take the amount and quality of product information to a new level in various services such as websites, e-commerce and print materials. We are constantly improving the services we provide to our customers based on product information.

Mikko Tervonen, Head of IT, Logistics & Quality

PIM meets customer needs

Findability of products has been a big challenge for us. Different countries have different ERP systems and different product ranges, and we also operate in nine languages.

For example, if a bakery asks us for lactose-free, oat-based vegetable cream, then by searching ERP systems we will not be able to answer such an inquiry. Instead, the necessary information can be found in Adeona PIM.

We are also able to export the product ranges and product features of all countries to the PIM system, as well as, for example, statutory information on nutritional values ​​and allergens. ERP is of course needed alongside that to see the availability, prices, etc. of different stocks.

The biggest driver for implementing Adeona PIM has been online shopping. The role of suppliers has been significant here. Guillin, for example, is one of the largest manufacturers of packaging materials in Europe, and we have received good product information, ideas and even recipes from them. We also want to promote suppliers, for example, in our online services, in addition to our products and services.

Leipurin tuotekortti

A product card published with Adeona Sales Tool

Leipurin verkkokauppa

Product information on Leipurin website

Product image and website management and analysis

A big advantage for us, for example, is that we get product images from suppliers, which are time-consuming to produce. For example, a flour bag doesn’t look very tempting to buy, but the end product made from flour can look very appealing. Taking such pictures takes time.

In the past, each country has also had its own website, but they may not have had product information at all, only contact information. Of course, this does not make it possible to track, for example, which products customers are looking for information on. The more customers spend time on our online services, the better we understand them.

Customer involvement and locality are important

As part of our online services, we offer recipes. They are enriching information with which we can sell products. For example, a mother’s day cake is a ready-made solution that benefits customers. Customers receive from us all the instructions, incredients and accessories for making that solution for its own customers. We also want to involve customers. We have hundreds of recipes, a significant portion of which are made by customers themselves.

When products from all countries can be found on Adeona PIM in at least English and one other language, it is easy for other countries to complete the translations into their own language. Some of the information, such as nutritional values, is, of course, directly available on the websites of different countries without translation. Centralizing information in one system is essential here.

Meeting regulatory requirements

It is also important to meet regulatory requirements. For food products, the specifications are complex. You need to know what allergens the product contains or does not contain. There are various tables and lists, and all information must be able to be monitored and tracked. If for example the morphine limit for poppy seeds changes, we need to find those products that contain poppy seeds. A functioning database is then really important.

Thanks to Adeona PIM, we can export product information to all countries, to all users. We are able to keep product information accurate and up-to-date in the system.

Many services based on product information have already been set up, but new ones are still needed. For example, price lists and product catalogs can be built on a foundation already made. We demand a lot from Adeona PIM, and it is very flexible when we introduce new services.

It is easy to work with Canter, and we have the opportunity to influence product development and future features. Canter understands well how we think and what we aim for with product information management.

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A raw material specification published with Adeona Sales Tool