Recommendation index NPS 79

Our annual NPS survey has been conducted and once again, thanks to our lovely customers, we received a very high willingness to recommend Canter!

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The commercial benefits of Product Information Management

Worforce is the company’s most expensive resource, but also one of its greatest potentials. In 2020, we will live in a time where artificial intelligence and digitality in general have helped us for so long that we do not always remember its existence. However, there is far too little use of technology in traditional jobs […]

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Versatile and scalable product information management

Just over a year ago, at the end of October 2018, we released a new generation version of the Adeona PIM product information management system. The first year with the new product generation has been encouraging and has further increased the belief that we are on the right track. Here I describe a bit what has been done in the background and what has happened during the first year.

Product information and its management by seven C principles

This article introduces seven C’s to help you get your product information and its management in control.

Artificial intelligence, PIM and online stores

When a system works independently without the help of a human and applies the information it has gathered to guide its own activities, we talk about artificial intelligence. There are also other definitions for artificial intelligence, but the previous sentence works as a suitable down to earth expression. There are numerous ways of using artificial intelligence. Self-driving robot cars or automatically generated propaganda videos are not directly related to Product Information Management (PIM), but instead an analysis of e-commerce traffic and product recommendations would benefit almost all our customers.