Bring yourself up-to-date with the latest advances in publishing automation and the real-life benefits it can bring to your business.

We’ve got some amazing speakers lined up to talk about how the sales and marketing material publishing has changed, and how you can implement new publishing workflows that will improve efficiency, save costs and take your customer experience to a new level.

The event has ended.

Speakers at the event are

Rick Coope (UK), who has built his career with publications and print automation. Rick has been working for e.g., Agfa and Kodak, and currently be is working with our partner Priint as Global Business Development Director, coaching people about the benefits of publishing automation and product communication.

Thorsten Hamann (Germany) has decades’ long experience of publishing automation. He, if anyone knows both the potential and the pitfalls of the industry. Currently he is working as Senior Consultant for Laudert GmbH + Co.

Juha Kauhajärvi works as Business Controller for Perkko, a company that uses Adeona publishing automation for sales materials production. He will tell us how publishing automation helps their marketing, and about the positive effects of the financial benefits for the whole company. Presentation in Finnish.

Pia Helenius is the Marketing Communications Manager of Mediq, a company which puts great focus on both online and offline catalogues which are a key sales tool for the company. She will share us Mediq’s publishing automation journey, how it has progressed and what have been the its key benefits to the business. Presentation in Finnish.

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