Our organization is growing

Check out the new Canterians below!

We have grown by three Canterans in early 2022.

Kim Korhonen, Head of Sales and Marketing

Kim, tell us a little about yourself.

I am a father of three and live in Tontunmäki, Espoo. As a hobby, I coach squash, where I lead both junior and adult coaching teams. I also occasionally coach beginner’s courses as well. I’ve had quite a few national team-level juniors in personal coaching, but there isn’t one at the moment. In addition, I serve as an assistant coach on my daughter’s football team. The additional name given by my son, “Coach of Every Aspect of Life”, includes a joke, of course, but also tells about my personality. Coaching and the desire to help others to develop is a big part of me. This is reflected in my work as a supervisor and in my work with clients.

Tell us about your background.

I have worked all my life in the IT & ICT area in B2B sales and marketing positions. And I was also the CEO of an industrial internet growth company for about 5 years. In my duties, I have represented a fairly wide range of products or solutions that have helped both domestic and international companies to develop their own business or build their own business. One of the many great moments to mention, was when my customer succeeded with his solution and hired 10 new service technicians in Finland at the time.

Why Canter?

An amazing combination of experience, know-how and new opportunities. I once met a guy who had built three detached houses for himself. He said that third is almost perfect. These of my co-workers have been making a PIM solution for almost 30 years. Our CTO, Janne, made a third generation product. Referring to the previous one, they know what they are doing and that is it. I dare stand behind it. Our customers agree.

We make a solution that helps our customers develop their business. We will improve their customer experience. Better product information management, for example, makes it easier for the end customer to make the right product choices. At its best, we reduce the amount of product returns, which means that our operations also have a strong ecological impact! And yes, this gang was also one reason to come here.

Anne Komulainen, Customer Success Manager

Anne, tell us a little about yourself.

I am an Espoo-based product information management professional. My family includes two sons, a spouse and a one-year-old short-haired dachshund. I enjoy moving around in nature, reading and shooting guns. I love music and look forward to coming summer with stadium gigs.

Tell us about your background.

I have had a career in the hotel and restaurant industry for years. About five years ago, I decided to change trails and study to become a datanome. Already during my studies, I ended up working in an import company’s versatile product information management tasks, which also included e-commerce and PIM development projects.

Why Canter?

In my previous work, my most meaningful job was related to the development and training of product information management systems. With Canter, I get to do it full time, while developing myself. Returning to the customer interface is like returning home to me. Hope to see you face to face as soon as possible. My honorary mention to the Canter team, it was nice to come here to work!

Muath Othman, Technical Specialist

Muath, tell us a little about yourself.

In my free time I do entrepreneurship, I make websites for companies. I am very social, so in my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends. I have played many different sports: judo, taekwondo, swimming and football. I also go to the gym these days.

Tell us about your background.

I studied for a bachelor’s degree in information and communication technology and a double degree in business college in Helsinki, and I will graduate from there in April. I have done a variety of jobs: as a magazine distributor, as a car washer, as a food driver, and as a restaurant worker. In addition, I was on a five-month internship where I used M-Files.

Why Canter?

There is a good atmosphere here and everyone is helping each other, so I feel like I’m in a different family. I also feel that I learn new things here every day.