Efficient product processes, automated omni-channel publishing and customer experience exceeding all expectations. Together they create profitable business. We are not just a software house. We help you build added value to your customers.

We help you specify your company’s needs, we plan a fitting solution, we guide you through the implementation and help maintain as well as develop your solution according to the changing needs and developing technologies. We want to be your partner throughout the life cycle of your product management process.

Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management and omni-channel publishing is not difficult when using the most fitting tools and processes. Our specialists have almost twenty years of experience on these. We offer our expertise at your service.

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Only one in ten companies say their product information is flawless. In most companies the same product information in stored multiple time in multiple systems.

With Product Information Management PIM it is possible to maintain information in a single system. When needed the data can be pushed from this system to all the required channels. This improves the data quality and reduces the amount of work.

More than a half of PIM users say that they gain clear competitive advantage with it e.g. through faster time-to-market.

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Adeona PIM

Product Information Management PIM

We plan and implement product information management solutions based on your business needs.

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Digital Asset Management DAM

Digital Asset Management as a part of Product Information Management brings efficiency to marketing and improves customer experience.

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Omni-channel publishing

We help our customers raise product communication to a new level. Punblishing automation takes care of omni-channel publishing from a single source to several channels and media with a push of a button.

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Business Development and Training

We offer our extensive experience to co-develop product information management as a part of your business. We also train all the users to the best practices.

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According to studies more than 70% of the buying process is done before contacting the vendor. Almost as big a proportion of buying is done through digital channels, also in B2B. 80% of the decision makers value highly the ease of purchasing in the buying process.

Customers should find all the product information easily, when needed. We help you to ensure that this happens in all the phases of the buying process.


Data has a significant role in today’s businesses. Up-to-date product information is important in procurement, in internal processes and in all the steps of the customers purchasing path. Openness and information sharing are topics that many discuss but how is information shared effectively and how openly should it be shared?