Recommendation index NPS 79

Our annual NPS survey has been conducted and once again, thanks to our lovely customers, we received a very high willingness to recommend Canter! Both our NPS values and the number of respondents increased from last year.

2018 – NPS 79

2019 – NPS 77

2020 – NPS 79

NPS 2020

In an NPS measurement, the customer is asked how likely you would recommend Canter to your acquaintance or colleague on a scale of one to ten. The calculation of the NPS number adds the promoters who gave 9-10 and subtracts from this number the dtractors who gave 0-6. Most of our customers are clear promoters and no detractors were found.

Our NPS rating is clearly higher than the industry average, as you can read in this article, for example.

Here are a few free comments on the study:

  • Personnel is very professional and knowledgeable. Attitude is wonderful and positive. Customer-driven product development.
  • Very good experience for many years of the PIM tool you have provided.
  • It has always been fast and good service. The problems have been resolved quickly. The customer’s needs are taken into account in the development work.
  • Always get help and suggestions quickly and the service is very friendly.