Top moments of 2016

We’ve left yet another year behind us and have started a new one. After the first two weeks I can easily say that the following 350 days will fly by us swiftly, as they usually do. With all the “Let’s do everything better this year” hype going around it’s good to remember that we’ve achieved a lot during 2016, and as such we’ve summarized the year in a list.

1. New office space

We love Spektri! We have furnishing by Martela, interior design and taping done by Jenni, and a brand-colored wall and soundproofed windows. We also have an oven, and during the latter part of the year we ate more croissants than ever before in our lives – combined. But the most important thing are the people here, so feel free to visit us and take a look!



2. New friends and colleagues

In 2016 we (and our band) were joined by Abel, Turo, Mary, Ivar and Outi. It’s so great to have you guys with us!

3. Adventure Park Huippu

The day we spent at the adventure park Huippu was really something for those loving and fearing the heights alike. Jumping like Tarzan really showed us our true strength. If you’re looking for something more than just another day at the office, Huippu is most definitely worth a look.


So cool!

4.Kettle Beast

During the last quarter of the past year it was time to let our actions speak louder than our words. During our Christmas party on 28.10. our office band Kettle Beast performed their first gig. Even the little issues with electricity didn’t slow them down, and the band was rocking, all of us were dancing and everybody was enjoying themselves. The first gig was far from being the last, and one and half months later they were playing again at our housewarming party. And they’ve already been booked again..


Kettle Beast after their first gig.

5.Housewarming party

During December we had our housewarming party just three days after all the taping was finished. The house was full of clients and affiliates enjoying great food and drinks! We had good time, and according to the positive feedback so did our guests. Kettle Beast were better than ever before.


Housewarming party in December.

6.Popcorn machine

We thought we’d be really unique and imaginative when we took a popcorn machine to the recruitment fair, but our dreams were quickly shattered by dozens of other people having the same exact idea. Oh well! The machine has been running in our kitchen ever since charming everyone, and I can tell you that many challenges have been succesfully dealt with with a popcorn bowl nearby.


The machine that saved our days.

7.New clients

Last year we got to start new projects with Fredman Group, Leipuriliitto, Helvar and Orient Occident. It has been an honor to get to know you and to work with you in order to further business and product information management applications. Your needs and requirements allow us to develop as well.


We and part of our new and old clients.

8.Old customers

” We only have nice customers”. This is a saying that can constantly be heard throughout the office, and it reminds us how behind every company and title there is always another person. We’ve been lucky to meet some great people to help us bring our development projects over the finish line, and to help us build a new and better ensemble. Thank you, for allowing us to work with you!

Here’s to a successful 2017!

Canter is participating DAM Helsinki 2016 seminar 23.11.2016

Canter is taking part in a DAM Helsinki 2016 seminar organized by CommunicationPro Oy at the BANK event center on 23 November 2016.

The seminar will bring together top international speakers and the most knowledgable experts in the DAM development field. Canter’s CEO, Patrik Palatz, will be speaking about fitting together publishing automation and quality content. In addition, the seminar will include talks on new technologies, visual solutions, brand management and diverse case stories.

The seminar will take place on 23 November 2016 from 8.30am at the Bank event center.

More information:

Canter is participating in Digia Enterprise Day 2015

Canter is again visible part of  Digia Enterprise day in Restaurant Maxine on Thursday 12th of November 2015.  There is interesting customer presentations and the opportunity to explore the variety of business-building solutions in program.

More information 

Welcome to visit and discuss about product information management solutions to our stand!

High-quality product information in e-commerce – a breakfast meeting on October 20 in Turku

Canter and Anders Innovations are  organizing together a breakfast meeting in Turku. The focus will be on the importance of very high quality product information for a multichannel online business. You are welcome to join us to hear the latest news on product information management and the e-commerce world, and to network! Remember to sign up by October 13.

Address: Aurakatu 12 B, 5. floor, 20100 Turku

More information:
Patrik Palatz
040 774 1200

Canter is participating in Finnish Commerce Federation’s training module

Canter is a partner in the e-commerce training directed to the B2B trade sector. Training will be held this year for the first time. Training modules are organized by Finnish Commerce Federation together with its partners.

Business in e-commerce is growing rapidly, which offers many opportunities for Finnish companies. This training is suitable for persons who work in B2B sector in online business areas. Canter’s part of the training includes information about product information management in e-commerce. Trainers are Canter’s Managing Director Patrik Palatz and Development Director Janne Costiander.

Training will be held during April. Partners in this training modules are canter, Advance, Ambientia, CGI, e21,, MTV, Maksuturva and Posti.

More information:
Patrik Palatz,
Janne Costiander,

Canter is participating in Digia Enterprise Day 2014

Canter is again visible part of  Digia Enterprise day in Helsinki Casino on Thursday 13th of November 2014.  Our Managing Director, Patrik Palatz tells in his presentation about product information management of sales and marketing point of view. In addition, we present new features of Adeona PIM as well as of multi channel customer solutions in our stand.

More information: