Adeona PIM news from partners and customers

On November 23, 2021, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the new generation Adeona PIM software at Spektrin Business Park. The party was attended by a number of companies that use Adeona PIM product information management in their business to share their Adeona PIM experiences, learn something new and, of course, celebrate in good company.

Vierumäki and Adeona PIM – together on the way to the top

The first speaker was Sanna Partanen, Vierumäki’s Marketing Director, who spoke about the needs of Vierumäki’s product information management and what the benefits of centralized product information management have been from the marketing director’s point of view. In addition to about 200 different activities and sports, Vierumäki offers accommodation and campus facilities for about 800 students. By managing many different areas, Sanna has noticed benefits, among other things;

  • In harmonizing and simplifying product management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • In unifying content production
  • In the background of new e-commerce opportunities

Product information management to help you create moments

Next, we heard Pinja Tolvanen’s views on how Adeona PIM has made it easier to manage the range of thousands of E. Ahlström’s products. In her speech, Pinja emphasized the importance of digital channels and how a significant part of their turnover is currently generated through digital channels. At the beginning of the product information management project, E. Ahlström’s goal was to improve the customer experience, enable digital business in the future, streamline the product information process and improve the employee experience. We are pleased to hear that E. Ahlström has felt that they have achieved these goals over the past two years.

”PIM and website marriage – happiness comes from good planning”

With these words, Karhu Helsinki’s Timo Salminen began his presentation on the marriage between the website and PIM and how good design is an essential part of website design. In his speech, Timo highlighted the “8 Commandments of the Website Project Leader”. Timo thinks these 8 commandments are a sure recipe for the success of a website project:

  1. Allow enough time for the project
  2. Make sure your website provider has experience with product data projects
  3. Define product data well before the start of a website project, but be prepared for flexibility
  4. Invite a website editor, PIM editor and your in-house product people to the same table in time
  5. Keep your partners and important people involved throughout the project
  6. Set aside time for your own people, especially for testing
  7. Publish a good enough first version and make regular improvements
  8. Test and research, ask customers and make further developments based on the findings

Automation publishing as a time saver

As the last guest speaker, Tero O. Nieminen of Thero Design told the guests how automation publishing facilitates employees’ work by providing ready-made layouts for product information publications. Relieved, Tero also explained how much Adeona PIM will improve communication between different departments when it comes to producing different product materials. For example, the outlook is the same for a graphic designer as for a product manager, which makes it more straightforward to produce materials and communicate related things.

There’s a ready-made connector between the Adeona PIM and EasyCatalog, so commissioning is quick and easy “So effortless that I’ve developed into a true Adeona addict” Tero said with a twinkle in his eye.

News from Canter

At the end of the event, we heard last year’s Adeona PIM news from our Chief Technology Officer, Janne Costiander. Over the past year, new features have been added to the Adeona PIM software every 2-3 months. All new features have been made available to users of Adeona PIM within a few weeks of release. Janne also talked about how investments have been made in integrations, in addition to the issues seen in the user interface during the past year. In addition, Ville Miettinen, Canter’s Head of Customer Operations, spoke at a deeper level about Canter’s consulting services.